Intentional Sweat

Directed by Chrystèle Nicot

  • genre Video – Experimental Comedy
  • duration 67 minutes
  • status diffusion
  • release 2019

Following a climatic catastrophe that obliterated the planet, a group of six women and men, the last representatives of their ethnicities, survived. Stuck in Hong Kong, they are forced to find their soulmate within the group to perpetuate their species. At least until one of them mysteriously disappears...


  • Indian Agronomic Doctor Shafin Azim
  • Chinese Art Collector Law Kwong Sum
  • Private Detective Denis Moldovean
  • Korean Drama Actress Yvonne Tse
  • French Banker Constantine Spagados
  • Hongkongese Dumpling Maker Crystal Chu
  • British Jockey Yip Long Chang
  • Old Boat Lady / Old Restaurant Lady Jenny Chan


  • Réalisatrice Chrystèle Nicot
  • Production Hutong Productions
  • Scénaristes Chrystèle Nicot et Anna Belguermi
  • Assistant réalisateur Antoine Alesandrini
  • Scripte Anna Belguermi
  • Chef opérateur Victor Zébo
  • Son Arno Ledoux
  • Assistant caméra Shama Ng Chun Mak, Jeremy Parker Chen, Ching Wong Hiu
  • Maquilleuse, coiffeuse Cherrie Szeto
  • Monteur Clément Pinteaux
  • Monteur son, mixeur Arno Ledoux


  • Cinémathèque française Aujourd'hui le cinéma
  • Sharjah Art Foundation Emirats Arabes Unis
  • Flying Broom International Women's Film Festival Turquie Compétition
  • Festival 7ème Lune Paris Compétition
  • 64ème Salon de Montrouge pour l'art contemporain
  • Villa Belleville