Acts of Love

Acts of Love directed by Isidore Bethel and Francis Leplay
I Documentary
Length I 70 minutes
Status I Production

When his older boyfriend loses interest in him, the filmmaker relocates to Chicago and uses dating apps to cast new lovers in an amorphous project that his mother hates.


Script and Direction I Isidore Bethel and Francis Leplay
Editing I Isidore Bethel and Francis Leplay
Mix I Fanny Weinzaepflen
Sound editing I Margot Testemale
Color grading I Aurore Toulon

Production I Hutong Productions (France)
Co-production I Sin Sitio Cine (USA)

Support I Ile-de-France’s Writing Grant
Agora Docs In Progress (Thessaloniki Documentary Festival)
School of the Art Institute of Chicago