Abetterself directed by Maxence Stamatiadis
I Transmedia series and installation
Length I 8 x 12 minutes
Statuts I Production

” What if your life could change right away ? What if all your fears would disappear ? Weight issues, family, existential doubts… Erased just like magic, thanks to abetterself.fr. Be happy, be yourself. Be a better self !”

Abetterself is a transmedia series and an artistic response to the violence of digital marketing.


Script and Direction I Maxence Stamatiadis
Image I Marine Atlan
Sound I Benjamin Feuillade
Editing I Maxence Stamatiadis
Cast I Iliana Zabeth, Clothilde Le Roy, Aurore Prud’hon, Evelyne Coton, Sarah Deffeyes, Isaure Lapierre

Production I Hutong Productions

Supports I DICRéAM (CNC) and New Media Pictanovo Regional’s grant.