Three little words

Three little words directed by Paola Valentin
Genre I Documentary
Length I 10 minutes
Stage I Distribution
Release I 2022

Alone in my truck, I crisscross France meeting strangers. Along the coast, through mountains, and across the countryside, I record, photograph, and paint their portraits on plexiglass.


Direction and Script I Paola Valentin
Image I Paola Valentin, Marie Gioanni
Sound I Paola Valentin, Damien Luquet
Editing I  Paola Valentin, Victor Hérault
Sound Editing I Paola Valentin
Sound Mix I Corentin Favreau
Colorgrading I Michaël Voinis
Original Score I Paola Valentin

Production I  Hutong Productions

Festival Premiers Plans, Section Films d’Ici — Angers 2022
Des courts en hiver
— Porto-Vecchio, Corse 2022
Festival Cinémanie — Auxerre 2022