The Day Today

The Day Today directed by Maxence Stamatiadis
 I Fiction
Length I 67 minutes
Release I 2021

2024. 88-year old Suzanne is a technology addict. One day, she discovers a new app « The Day Today » which promises to bring loved ones back. Edouard, her husband who died 10 years earlier, returns, but he’s not quite the same man.


Direction and script I Maxence Stamatiadis
Cinematography I Marine Atlan
Editing I Elsa Jonquet
Sound I Benjamin Feuillade
Sound Editing and Mix I Adam Wolny
Color Grading I Graziella Zanoni
Cast I Suzanne Mouradian, Edouard Mouradian

Production I Hutong Productions – Agathe Berman Studio – Bad Manner’s


IFFR Rotterdam I Harbour International Section (World Premiere 2021)
Nowe Horyzonty IFF I Section Discoveries (Wroclaw, Pologne 2021)
Indie Lisboa I Silvestre Competition (Portugal 2021)
Beldocs IFF I International Competition and Meteor section (Belgrade, Serbie 2021)
FIFIB I Contrebandes Competition (Bordeaux, FR 2021)
THESSALONIKI IFF I Film Forward Silver Alexander Award & Audience Award 2021
SINGAPORE IFF I Official Selection – Undercurrent section 2021
FORUM DES IMAGES I Selection Double Mixte Cyber-Mall (Paris 2022)
FANTASPOA International Fantastic Film Festival I Official competition, (Brazil 2022)
Gaîté Lyrique I Cycle ImagePoint 2022
French Cinémathèque I Cycle Aujourd’hui le Cinéma

Press reviews

“Its combination of ultra-realism and science-fiction [..] provides Maxence Stamatiadis with the signature of a real auteur, one which takes the viewer by surprise, and which drills down deep into intelligent subjects.” CINEUROPA

“The Day Today is a darkly delicious satire of modern life, highlighting the perils of internet dating, artificial intelligence and even our human tendency to go with the flow even when the going gets rough.” FILMUFURIA

“The Day Today fleetingly touches on a whole range of topics from the dangers of the dark web to the Armenian genocide, cautionary reflections on the use of cutting edge technology and what we are willing to endure in the name of love.” SCREENDAILY

“Maxence Stamatiadis’ films feel like affectionate anthropologies”

“Il y a là une manière de regarder le réel en face, dans ses détails les plus triviaux et moches, pour le transformer en quelque chose d’onirique et dingo. Un tour de passe-passe (qui peut rappeler un peu le cinéma de Virgil Vernier), capable de transformer des paroles mielleuses de Justin Bieber en une émouvante supplication robotique venue de l’au-delà.”

INTERVIEW « Ce futur qui n’est pas arrivé, c’est un désenchantement profond, de l’enfance, des utopies »