Purina N°1

Purina N°1 directed by Maxence Stamatiadis
Genre I Science-fiction
Length I 24 minutes
Stage I Distribution
Release I 2018

Purina n°1” is a dystopian mockumentary that uncovers hidden truths about fantasies and video games as it focuses on a cult that hunts strange creatures. In interviews, witnesses recall their memories of Edouard, a child who vanished along with this civilization itself.


Script and Direction I Maxence Stamatiadis 
Image I Victor Zébo et Viken Kantarci 
Sound I Benjamin Feuillade and Anne Dupouy
Editing I Elsa Jonquet
Cast I Jacques Della Negra, Suzanne Mouradian, Héléna De Laurens, Charlotte Legrain, Ismaël El Khalil, Clara Ponsot, Clément Giraud, Mehdi Moujane 

Production I Hutong Productions 
Co-production I Bad Manner’s

Supports I Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region and CNC (Visual and Sound Creation Grant)


French Cinémathèque — Program ‘Melancholy of Science-Fiction’
Festival Ecran Voisin — Les Grands Voisins (Paris 2018)
Mockumentary Festival, International Competition — Lyon 2019
Inshort Film Festival — 2019
Images and View of Alternative Cinema — Cyprus 2020
Galerie Occidental Contemporary – 2019 Show