Macumba directed by Jeanne Mayer
Genre I Drama
Length I 21 minutes
Stage I Distribution
Release I 2019

Suffering humiliation upon humiliation, Jackie finally cracks one rainy Sunday and kills Marco as she’s getting ready for a night on the town. At the costume contest that evening, she tries to find happiness and calm among the disco balls and strobe lights.


Script and Direction I  Jeanne Mayer
Image  Jordane Chouzenoux 
Sound I  Olivier Claude
Editing I  Elsa Jonquet, William Wayolle
Cast I Annie Laurent, Françoise Harmand, Denis Bastien, Maurice Bontemps 

Production I Hutong Productions

I Grand-Est Regional fund, Vosges Department, City of Epinal SACEM grant for Original Music Score

Workshop I Atelier 3rd personnage for Original Music (FIFF Namur)


ViàVosges TV Channel — Short film Program 2019
La ‘Caravane Ensorcelée’ Selection — Clermont Ferrand ISFF 2020
Festival Courts toujours — Plombières les bains 2021
We, women short film festival — Beijing 2021