Intentional Sweat

Intentional Sweat directed by Chrystèle Nicot
Genre I Experimental comedy
Length I 66 minutes
Stage I Distribution
Release I 2019

Six men and women, the only survivors of a climatic catastrophic, become the last remaining representatives of their respective ethnic groups. Unable to leave Hong Kong, each must choose a soulmate among their scarce options to ensure the survival of the human race. That is, until one of them mysteriously disappears.



Direction I Chrystèle Nicot
Script I Chrystèle Nicot and Anna Belguermi
Image I Victor Zébo
Sound I Arno Ledoux
Editing I  Clément Pinteaux
Cast I  Shafin Azim, Constantine Spandagos, Law Kwong Sum, Denis Moldovean, Crystal Chu, Yvonne Tse, Yip Long Chang, Jenny Chan

Production I  Chrystèle Nicot
Co-production I  Hutong Productions / Bad Manner’s

Support I Le Fresnoy – National Studio for the Contemporary Arts
Workshop I FIDLab Marseille


64th Montrouge Contemporary Art Fair for Emerging Artists
French Cinémathèque
— Contemporary Cinema Program 2019
Villa Belleville Art Show — Film Screenings (Paris)
Sharjah Art Foundation
— Film Festival (United Arab Emirates)
Flying Broom International Women’s Film Festival — Official Selection (Ankara, Turkey)
Festival 7ème Lune — Official Competition (Rennes, France)
Anca Poterasu Gallery — White Night of the Art Galleries, Bucarest 2020

Article from Salon de Montrouge