Alien TV

Alien TV directed by Eléonore Geissler
Genre I Animation
Length I 9 minutes
Stage I Distribution
Release I 2019

Alien TV is a 33 channel Program, all interviews of various species explaining their vision of life’s gloominess and unexplainable diversity. 


Script and Direction I Eléonore Geissler
Image I Eléonore Geissler
Sound I Eléonore Geissler
Editing I Eléonore Geissler

Production I Hutong Productions

Support I Ecole Nationale des Arts Décoratifs


Emile-Reynaud Prize – Nominee for Best 2019 French Animation Film
National Animation Film Festival — Official Competition (Rennes)
La Villette — Art Exhibition (Paris 2020)
Filmfest Dresden — International Competition (Dresden 2020)

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