Abetterself directed by Maxence Stamatiadis
I Transmedia Installation
Statuts I Distribution

” What if your life could change right away ? What if all your fears would disappear ? Weight issues, family, existential doubts… Erased just like magic, thanks to abetterself.fr. Be happy, be yourself. Be a better self !”

Abetterself is a transmedia series and an artistic response to the violence of digital marketing.

Production I Hutong Productions
Supports I DICRéAM (CNC) and New Media Pictanovo Regional’s grant. 


Exhibition Jeune Création (video program – June 2021)
65th Montrouge Art fair for the promotion of young contemporary artists (October 2021)


Beaux arts Magazine – 5 jeunes talents découverts au salon de Montrouge par Maïlys Celeux Lanval, 25 octobre 2021

Maxence Stamatiadis’ Instagrammable anguish
This is the very first booth of the show, which sets the tone of the chapter (there are 3) dedicated to “Seismic micro-shocks in the post-Internet age”: pink carpet, myriad screens integrated into the walls and giant QR code invite to discover abetterself, a protean project by Maxence Stamatiadis (born in France in 1988). Trained at the Decorative Arts and director, the young man was inspired by the advertising videos that invade Instagram to convince users that such and such a product can solve their anxieties, and produced short films where the actresses speak, face to face, of their real problems, while taking up the attitude and the very false tone of the misleading advertisements. On the floor, cups and printed canvas bags decline the derivative products of abetterself. Dazed by the sound accumulation of the testimonies which telescope, the visitor is put in front of the anxiety provoked by the commercial universe of the wellbeing, as well as with the flashy aesthetics of its advertisements.