Yatim directed by Ghazal Sotoudeh
I Documentary
Length I 90 minutes
Stage I Development

I, a “yatim,” the daughter of an executed man, return to the scene of my father’s political assassination in Tehran. I search for traces of my mother’s memories and my own origins in Iran, but discover that they seem to be disappearing progressively as my homeland comes to amaze me more and more. How do I deal with my family’s – and the whole country’s – tendency to forget? How do I resist the charms of this return without betraying my past?


Script and Direction I Ghazal Sotoudeh

Production I Hutong Productions 

Supports I SCAM Brouillon d’un rêve grant and Ile-de-France writing grant. 

Workshops I La Fémis’ Documentary workshop 2016 and Eurodoc 2018.