Swagg directed by Gregg Smith & Teboho Edkins
Genre I Creative Documentary
Length I 70 minutes
Status I Development

SWAGG tells the story of Cineqee, Caydee and Moegamet, a group of friends at a crucial point in their lives. The film immerses us in their daily lives as teenagers in Atlantis, an isolated industrial town plagued by poverty and gangs on the outskirts of Cape Town. Between the dance rehearsals of the SWAGG group where they can escape their daily life and the moments spent together at home, we become aware of their vision of the world, their doubts and their aspirations. This is the story of a youth who carries dreams, and who must fight against forces that are beyond them.


Script and direction I Gregg Smith and Teboho Edkins

Production I Hutong Productions