Sarkash: women’s sharia court

Sarkash: Women’s Sharia Court directed by Sophie Schrago
Genre I Creative Documentary
Length I 80 minutes
Status I Development

Defying the conservative forces in her community, Khatoon opened the first Women’s Sharia Court in Mumbai. Ever since, women come there to denounce violence and get justice, reversing the power dynamics in place.


Script and direction I Sophie Schrago
Editing I Isidore Bethel

Production I Hutong Productions
Co-Production I Seesaw Pictures (SK)
Supports I Wenner Gren Foundation, – Fejos Postdoctoral Fellowship in Ethnographic Film, SCAM Brouillon d’un rêve, EIDF K-Pitch Excellence Prize
Pitchs and workshops I Union Docs Summer Documentary Lab 2017, Logan NonFiction Program 2020, Gotham Documentary Feature Lab 2021, Medimed, Eurodoc and DOK Copro Market